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Just You
[Name] Stacey evelyn
[Age] 16
[Location] Oregon
[Hobbies] writing, singing, being a computer nerd, my sudden up roar of photography, art.
[Sexuality] Safe to say I’m bisexual
[Tattoos/Piercings?(If so provide some pictures, you know you wanna)]:
[1-10, what would you rate yourself?] mehh 6-7ish on looks.

[Band/singer] Daniel Johns
[Song] honestly, carousel-Blink 182
[Color] neon orange
[Food] Taco bell, peanut butter
[Drink] black cherry faygo
[Movie] Clockwork orange
[Scent] cucumber watermelon
[Boy name] Jayden
[Girl name] Sonya
[Candy] sour worms

[Your house is on fire! There is only enough time to grab 3 things. What/why] Collection of porno…no I keed… My mouse cause I'd be sad with out her, my CD's cause who can’t live with out them, My scrapbook cause I can always look at the good ol' days. I'm cheesy.
[You are on a deserted island. Who(1) and what(2) would you bring with you] Katie with Carylon in her pocket my sweet buddy, and I would bring a camera, we need something to do. Bow chika bow wow.
[Your opinion about the Janet Jackson/super bowl publicity stunt] mehh she sure got publicity, I really can’t say much I didn’t see it, but I sure did see plenty of pictures in those star magazines.
[If you could look like anyone else, who/why] Angelina Jolie I know it might be cliché' but I think she is one of the most beautiful people alive. She's so flawless and sexy I love everything about her, she's my weakness.
[A wallet containing $300 in cash is found. The ID is inside also. Do you turn in the money or what would you do to it? Reasons for your decision] At the moment I'm kinda thinking I want it, but if I was really in the situation I'd return it. I'm clumsy and I lose things easily, most likely the wallet is mine.
[Where do you see yourself in 10 years] Being a forensic scientist
[What's the worst you've gotten in trouble? What happened] hmm that's a toughie. I guess really when I wrote a note to this kid Jimi about the girl he's been messing around with and his girlfriend found it. It might not sound to bad but a lot went down.
His mom came to my house and talked to my parents about the note and came to school and yelled at me; no one really trusted anyone and it was all centered on me because it was in my handwriting. But it's over thank god.
[Give us a tip... hair/makeup/life, etc] Lipstick makes the best eye shadow

[Who/Where did you find out about this community?] [Bad username: princessofflight]


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