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Birthday: Leo
Location: Hollywood, FL
Sex: M
Sexuality: Straight, except for Gavin Rossdale.
Tattoos/Piercings?(If so provide some pictures, you know you wanna):
Back tat
title or description
Arm tat
title or description
Nipple piercings
title or description
Tongue piercings.
title or description

Band: Godsmack, in spades.
Singer: Gavin Rossdale.
Song: Ringfinger-NIN/I stand Alone/Godsmack. Tie
Color: Blue
Food: Sushi/Taco Bell. Tie.
Drink: Irish Carbomb.
Store: Bachrach. A high priced clothing store in Oregon. $45 dollar Itallian silk. I own one, or two if I can find the silver one.
Animal: My cat.
Place: Still looking.
Day: Friday.
Class: Weight Lifting.
Movie: What Dreams May Come.
Tv show: Conan O'Brien.
Instrument: No idea.
Word: Whatever.
Scent: Women.
Month: July.
Season: Winter
Boy name: Dillan
Girl name: Elizabeth Gem.
Candy: Red Vines, NOT twizlers.
Celeb: John Travolta.

Music: Nothing.
Clothes: Work clothes.
Emotion: None.
Hope: I use my next paycheck wisely...
Fear: ...I don't.
Love: My cat.
Need: More beer.

What do you think when you hear...
Red: Handjobs.....
Pink: Hot clothes.
Cat: Mine.
Boy: Peter Pan.
Beach: Bike ride.
Hay: Grandmother's farm and riding horses.
Love: Ex's.
Shake it: Like a polaroid.
Oh baby: A saying of mine.
Move: "It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right. With your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight."

Opinions (Elaborate please):
Abortion: Choice. I might feel differently if I was a woman, but I am not.
Same sex marriage: No opinion. But since you asked me to elaborate... I will. It to me... deserves no opinion. It's so the same thing to me. Love is emotional. A body is not what holds emotion, spirits own emotion. Spirits are genderless, so to me it doesn't even make sense to make this an issue.
Drugs: Lame.
Teen pregnancies: Outcome of poor parenting.
Younger children (under 16) using birthcontrol: Advisable. When a problem exist, solve it, not hide it.

**Who/Where did you find out about this community? The hottie in the back row, that I have a crush on.


title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description

title or description
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