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Age: 17
Birthday: December 21, 1986
Location: Newbury, mass
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Tattoos/Piercings?(If so provide some pictures, you know you wanna): I only have my ears.. I had my belly.. and im gettiin a stud in my nose and my tongue and my belly again.. ANd a maybe one tattoo

Band: Atmosphere
Singer: JoJo
Song: "Leave(get out)" by Jojo
Color: Pink and Baby blue
Food: Strawberry shortcake
Drink: Lemonade
Store: DV8
Animal: I love kitties!! theyre so adorable!!
Place: I love to be anywhere as long as i like my company!! :D
Day: Saturday.. cause its party niite!
Class: I no longer have school.. but my fav was Accounting and Chorus
Movie: Finding Nemo
Tv show: Viva la Bam
Instrument: Piano
Word: Badonkadonk.. cause its such a rare word
Scent: Adidas for her and him!!
Month: December!!
Season: Summer= hot bois at beach
Boy name: Robby..
Girl name: Savannah Hailee
Candy: Starbursts
Celeb: JOhnny Depp

Music: "Freaks of the industry"- Digital underground.. its funny shit
Clothes: American Eagle cropped shirt and L.E.I jeans
Emotion:Kinda mixed emotions
Hope: I hope my baby gets over being mad..
Fear: I am scared of America losing this war!!

Love: I love Everything!!
Need: I need people who are understanding

What do you think when you hear...
Red: I think of blood... but then again Roses
Pink: I think of hearts
Cat: ..Friendly people
Boy: Kisses
Beach: i think of bikinis.. and bois
Hay: i think of horses lol
Love: heartbreak
Shake it: bootylicious
Oh baby: give it to me.. lol
Move: different cities

Opinions (Elaborate please):
Abortion: I think that abortion is a very cruel proceedure... I believe that if there is no possible way you can take care of that child, you can give it up for adoption.. There are plenty of people out there that cant't have kids, and adoption is the only way they can have kids :( .. I also believe after 9 months of carrying a child, you get attached to that child and you realize it was meant for keeping, mistake or not, it is soon to become a human being.. How would you like for your life to be taken away??
Same sex marriage: I am not really against it.. America is a free nation in which we have the freedom to basically do anything we want.. If the person is for it, let them be.. I have plenty of friends that are gay.. Being gay doesnt make you less of a person.. Its your originality.. do what you wish with you life.. No one else runs it but yourself..
Drugs: I cant say drugs are horrible, beacause there are some drugs out there meant to help and do.. But they should not be used uncontrollably.. I dont see anything wrong with weed.. id actually prefer to hear people are using weed than heroine or coke.. I know people who have been addicted and it's crazy to see them feinig.. And I thnk its not worth all the pain..
Teen pregnancies: I believe teen pregnancies are not the greatest thing but people do make mistakes.. no ones perfect.. I cant really talk. My sister had a baby when she was 17 and i dont love her any less and I love my nephew just the same,.... here he is

Younger children (under 16) using birthcontrol: I think it's fine for people to be on birthcontol... Its not only for people who have sex.. it actually helps with acne and your menstrual.. Whats the big deal if the person is on it anyways? As long as they take care of themselves...

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