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Name: Katie
Age: 14
Birthday: August 20, 2004
Location: Baltimore, MD
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Tattoos/Piercings?(If so provide some pictures, you know you wanna): just my ears.

Band: Something Corporate
Singer: Jewel
Song: You Gone by Something Corporate
Color: blue
Food: chicken
Drink: diet pepsi
Store: PacSun
Animal: dog
Place: Ocean City
Day: Friday
Class: English
Movie: Blue Crush
Tv show: Friends
Instrument: Drums
Word: girlie
Scent: Body by Victoria
Month: August
Season: Summer
Boy name: Derick
Girl name: Alyssa
Candy: pixie stix
Celeb: Matthew Perry

Music: New found glory -all downhill from here
Clothes: grey Roxy shorts, pink Ron Jon shirt and pink Billabong sandles
Emotion: happy
Hope: to get my belly button pierced this weekend
Fear: to fail my finals
Love: i dont have a current love besides my friends and family
Need: to start packing

What do you think when you hear...
Red: red wine
Pink: girlie
Cat: dog
Boy: sweet
Beach: surf
Hay: horses
Love: hurts
Shake it: outkast
Oh baby: bedroom
Move: dance

Opinions (Elaborate please):
Abortion: i'm not for it or against it. i think that it should be the persons choice. if they dont think that they are emotionally ready for a baby and they want to get an abortion, then thats there business. if someone wants to keep there baby and thinks that they can raise it, that means they probably can. i know a lot of people that were young and had kids and are doing fine now, so age isnt an issue. i just think that if you are going around having sex and dealing with that then you can handle a kid.
Same sex marriage: if your gay and your in love with someone from the same sex then you should be able to be with that person. the only people it should matter to is the ones who are getting married. not anyone else. it shouldnt matter who you marry, as long as your happy. if you being happy means marrying someone from the same sex then go for it.
Drugs: ive tried weed and i still do it every once in a while. i think that if you want to do drugs for some reason then go for it. your the one messing up your life. im not going to sit here and preach to someone that does drugs that its wrong. thats the last thing they need. they know what there doing it wrong, but if they want to do it they can. its there life.
Teen pregnancies: like i said before, i know a lot of people who got pregnent at a young age and one of them is in this community. shes a great mother and shes doing fine. if you are mature enough to handle having sex and handle knowing that theres a chance you could get pregnent, then i think your mature enough to have a baby. ofcourse your going to get a little freaked out at first, but i think that they can handle it.if your not mature enough to actually handle a kid, but want to have sex then go on birth control.
Younger children (under 16) using birthcontrol: i think that if your having sex and dont want to have a risk of having a child or anything like that then they should be on birth control. i tell my friends all the time that they should go get checked out for it because i know there not ready for a child. im not having sex yet, so i really dont know what to say. all i can say is that if you dont want a risk of something going wrong then you should take it.

**Who/Where did you find out about this community? ___tiffany


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